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This is an overview of some of the projects at V4RL. 

For more details on our research activities, please have a look at the publications list and check out the lab's YouTube Channel.

The AEROWORKS project

AEROWORKS is a 3-year EU-Horizon2020 project in collaboration with academic and industrial partners in Europe. The project aims to develop a team of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("Aerial Robotic Workers") equipped with visual and inertial sensors, as well as a robotic manipulator onboard. The goal is that this team collaboratively perceives its surroundings, developing autonomous navigation and coordination for autonomous inspection of infrastructure and maintenance.

3D vision-based SLAM for UAV navigation

Goal: Estimate and track a the motion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) using vision-based SLAM techniques. Loop-closure detection, collision avoidance and the effect of high camera dynamics are some of the challenges we are facing before robust operation is possible.

Event-based cameras for Robot Navigation

Event-based cameras capture intensity changes, similarly to the human retina. We aim to exploit their favourable properties in tracking fast camera motion, for instance, for robot navigation. 


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