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V4RL Dense Reconstruction Dataset

A pipe structure and a desk sequence provide visual, inertial & depth data, as well as ground truth for both the pose of the sensor head and the 3D scene. This dataset is publically available. more ...

V4RL Dense Reconstruction Dataset preview

V4RL Aerial Inspection Dataset

This dataset contains visual and inertial sequences recorded from the ground and the air (using a small rotorcraft) while moving around a building. This data is captured with a hardware-synchronised sensor and ground-truth of the scene has been captured using a laster scanner. This dataset is freely available more ...

Real-time mesh-based scene estimation for aerial inspection

Code: Real-time Mesh-based Scene Estimation

Using a the feature-based map of a nominal keyframe-based SLAM system as an input, this software creates a very fast mesh-representation of the scene, while filtering out aparently erroneous mesh facades. This has been reported to run at 8ms per frame on a standard laptop (CPU only). This software is released under a GPLv3 (free for research purposes) more ...

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